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Gloucester Transit Mix
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Professional Concrete in Gloucester, Massachusetts

For the professional concrete touch your project needs, turn to Gloucester Transit Mix in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We offer computerized batch plant control. With this, a computer regulates all the batches, ensuring your project receives the level of solid service it deserves.

Computerized Batch Plant

Our concrete service's computer retains each pour's information, letting us print what additives are included in your concrete. Because of this, we are able to show all ingredients as well as how much the mix design weighs. We can also print information pertaining to deliveries through this.

Correct Mixing

Building codes and architects call for certain weights and materials to be used in your project. With computerized mixing, we offer specific mix designs based on the specifications, delivering the correct formula every time.
Contact us in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and let our professional concrete service pour the batch your project needs.